The Opportunity

Created a moment in time in Los Angeles that engaged existing Lady Dynamite fans, potential fans, and the alt-comedy and pug-loving community in celebration of the upcoming second season of Lady Dynamite, launched on November 10, 2017 on Netflix.


The Big Idea: Hugs for Pugs

We partnered with ‘Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles’ largest pug adoption charity, to host a pug-themed adopt-athon on the weekend before the premiere. Additional elements included live adoptions of pugs, Lady Dynamite-themed programming and premiums. Talent appearances, local/national PR outreach and social media integration amplified the experience and drive ROI. 

Key program components included talent meet and greet, photo activation, red carpet selfie moment, "loaf zone" and vision boarding, temporary tattoo bar, roving look-a-like Maria Bamford brand ambassadors and branded premiums/ takeaways for social sharing.


Program Goals

•   Drive buzz and viewership for Season 2

•   Encourage social sharing

•   Show that Netflix is supporting the show in an original engaging way



•   Hyper-focus on LA, alt-comedy and pug fans

•   Lean into the surreal, hillarious, quirky tone of the show

•   Build a buzz in comedy community

•   Create a post-worthy event

•   Involve talent for additional PR



Social Media Shares